Membrane & Flat Roofing

Membrane and Flat Roofing Products and Applications


Central Roofing offer a diverse range of membrane roofing and flat roofing products and work to ensure the best quality and most suitable membrane/flat roof materials are installed so your home or building is watertight.


Why Membrane Roofing?

Membrane is a great product to use for flat roofs, low slope or pitched roofs and can be also used for decking and below-ground tanking.

Membrane roofing is an excellent solution to keep your house warm and dry. The cost-effective method sees a waterproof membrane applied to any sections of flat roof to keep them dry.

The type of membrane or flat roofing material best suited to your project will be dependent on multiple factors including the type and location of your building, the slope of the roof, applicable building code requirements, and more.

We are proud to be the licenced local installer for Viking Roofspec systems. Viking Roofspec are 100% kiwi owned and operated and offer complete certified waterproofing systems.


Types of Membrane Roofing:

Viking Enviroclad TPO

Viking Enviroclad is a BRANZ-appraised and CodeMark-certified world-class TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) waterproofing membrane.

Viking Enviroclad offers absolute watertight integrity for low-slope and pitched roofs, gutters, parapets, pond liners, balconies, under floating decks and roof gardens of commercial and residential buildings.

Viking Enviroclad membrane is 100% recyclable, supplied cut-to-length if requested — meaning minimal waste, while also negating the use of oil-based splicing systems (due to its heat weldability).

Product Benefits:

• Six colour options: Grey, White, Mansard Brown, Patina Green, Rock Brown, and Slate Grey

• New Zealand's preferred single-ply membrane

• Installed only by Viking-Licensed Applicators

• Formulated to suit a wide range of climatic conditions

• UV resistant

• Water potability certified

• Heat reflectivity

• Heat weldable

• 20-year product warranty


Torch on Membranes

Viking Torch-On is a two-layer bitumen membrane waterproofing system.

Product Benefits:

• Formulated to suit a wide range of climatic conditions

• Installed only by Viking-Licensed Applicators

• UV resistant

• Thermal ageing resistance

• Dimensional stability

• Tensile resistance

• Overlay option

• 20-year product warranty (25-years for Phoenix Super)


Viking WarmRoof — a waterproof roofing insulation system

A warm roof (for low slope roofs) is “a roof where the roof insulation is installed on top of the structure” (i.e., insulated from the outside of the building).

One if the benefits of a thermally efficient warm roof is the transfer of a building’s dew point to outside the roof space rather than where the insulation traditionally sits on top of the ceiling, inside the roof’s crawl space[JC1] . This prevents internal dampness of structural materials and negates the need for vents that would normally allow air to escape from the roof space.

A Viking WarmRoof system is BRANZ-appraised, ensuring it meets New Zealand building code requirements.

Components of a Viking WarmRoof system:

• Vapour barrier (for cool stores and regions with extreme climatic variances)

• Kingspan Polyiso insulation panel (including tapered)

• Any of Viking’s sheet membrane systems

A Viking WarmRoof system is perfect as an overlay option on any existing roof - including metal.

Why choose a Viking WarmRoof system?

• Thermal performance helps towards achieving green star points

• Highest possible fire performance (Group 1-S)

• World-leading rigid insulation boards — Kingspan Polyiso

• Highest R-Value — maximum ROI

• F.A.S.T adhesive to secure panels to substrate (avoids mechanical fasteners and thermal bridging)

• Environmentally friendly insulation — no CFs in manufacture

• Tapered option to maximise watershed

• Compatible with any of Viking's membrane systems, including Torch-On

With a correctly designed warm roof:

• The dew point is on the outside of the building = no damp or rotten materials inside

• No ventilation of the ceiling cavity is required

• Thermal bridging is avoided

• The roof cavity is clear for wiring

• Savings in air conditioning and heating costs

• Rigid insulation sheets = structural integrity to the roof

• Significantly higher R-values are achieved

• Easily retrofitted onto an existing building

Additional System Features:

• Specialised two-part foam adhesive to secure panels to substrate (avoids mechanical fasteners and therefore thermal bridging)

• Rigid roof insulation sheets = dimensional stability

• Installed only by Viking-Licensed Applicators

• 20-year product warranty


Viking Dec-k-ing

Viking Dec-K-ing is an all-in-one hard-wearing, aesthetic waterproofing vinyl sheet membrane, providing the ultimate underfoot finish for a decking solution.

Originally designed in the 1980s for the marine industry (boat decks), it's now deemed an attractive option for the construction sector due to its robust nature, to the point that it is now installed on homes and buildings all over the world.

Available in five attractive earthy patterns, each significantly versatile to work nicely with most residential and commercial decors.

Viking Dec-K-ing is suitable for most residential and commercial applications and is the ideal solution for coastal conditions (as the salt air does not affect the membrane). Viking Dec-K-ing can be installed over treated flooring grade plywood (minimum 17mm thick), concrete and fibre cement.


Viking Butyclad

Other than being a new name for a 'Butynol roof', what is Viking Butylclad?

Viking Butylclad is a rubber membrane ideal for waterproofing low-slope roofs and gutters.

Viking Butylclad comes in long narrow rolls that minimises unnecessary end-laps and off-cut waste.

Also known as butynol roofing, Viking Butylclad membranes are made of 70% butyl and 30% EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber; the latter providing the extra UV resistance and elongation properties over 100% butyl membranes.

Product Benefits:

• Formulated to suit a wide range of climatic conditions

• UV resistant

• Elongation properties

• Pliable material

• Can be painted with approved paint systems

• Installed only by Viking-Licensed Applicators

• 20-year product warranty