About Us

Central Roofing Company

In 2008 a couple of guys from Taranaki decided to start a Roofing business and thus Central Roofing Company was born.

Starting off with a few people on wages, who we are happy to say are still with us and getting in Fiona to handle the books, we started out just doing Re-Roofs. Not too long after, we took over the Gerard distributorship for Gerard Tiles and got to work with some local builders to provide Tiles for new Roofs. 

In 2012 the regulations changed, and it was made compulsory to include Scaffold when Roofing, so we decided to have our own Scaffold department to supply and install Scaffold on our jobs.

With steady growth throughout the years and recently, in 2018 we moved into our new premises at 9 Craig Place, Waiwhakaiho, New Plymouth.

Today at Central Roofing Company we stand for quality and service within the Roofing industry. Working with our trusted partners to provide you with the best option, designed to suit your style and budget from Scaffold to finish.


Duncan Corlett

The Boss

Duncan is the boss man here at Central Roofing and he has been since he helped start the business way back in 2008. A few things have changed since then and he now has a lot more people to look after, all while managing the day to day running of the business. He's a family man, now that he's also got little ones to run around after, he does enjoy the odd game of Rugby and recently started brewing his own beer in his limited spare time. He is a licensed building practitioner, although I have never seen him use any tools.


Lenny Erickson

Contract Manager - New Builds & Tiles

Lenny is one of our contract managers who looks after new housing and spouting. He is one of the nicest guys you will meet, and I have heard God only lets things grow until they are perfect... well Lenny didn’t take as long as others. But don’t let his stature fool you, because he is a volunteer fire fighter who enjoys the odd fishing trip. And while he is used to looking up, he does enjoy watching those big metal birds in the sky. He is however, very reliable and knowledgeable, and has been in the building industry for 29 years, and he must like it here because he has spent the last 13 years at Central Roofing.


Phill Marfell

Waterproofing Manager

Phil is our Waterproofing Manager and is an expert working on flat areas using Vikings vast array of products. He is an all-rounder and can also work on pitched roofs. Although Phil is quiet when he speaks, he can go for a 100km pedal on his push bike after work like it’s nothing, and his legs are usually smoother than most of the ladies in the office. You will know that it's Phil on the bike when you see his long dreads flowing in the wind. He is a licensed building practitioner and he has been in the industry for 16 years. We have been lucky to have him at Central Roofing for the last 7 years.


Tim Youngman

Scaffold Department Manager

Tim is our Scaffold department manager who looks after an array of individuals who, like himself, enjoyed playing with Meccano when they were little. He looks after all scaffold requirements for our new roofs, re-roofs and some of our commercial jobs. Tim comes from a varied background and used to work in Oil and Gas, and food catering... which I am sure he ate more than he catered for, as he's like a seagull - he knows when there is food in the kitchen! He holds tickets in scaffolding and has been with us at Central Roofing for over 10 wonderful years.


Fiona Smith

Accounts Manager

Fiona is our lovely Accounts manager who oversees all the money that comes and goes....I hear she may not be so lovely if you don’t pay your bill on time. She looks after accounts payable, accounts receivable and financial reporting. Fiona also knows a bargain when she sees one - prior to covid, she would quite often buy a plane ticket to anywhere and then tell the boss she won’t be in! She is living her best life and mine. An avid rugby supporter and a real team player. Central Roofing is fortunate Fiona has been part of the team for over 10 years and she holds a Diploma in Business and Accountancy.


Rachel Castle

Contracts Administrator

Rachel is the Contracts Administrator for the re-roof department. Rachel is obsessed with her pet turtle Tallulah!! She's also very fond of travel, music concerts, motorbikes (especially triumphs), wine, export and V8's. Rachel is the hub of our busy office, the glue that holds us together, goodness knows where we'd be without her!!!


Rameez Kerry

Contract Manager - Re-roofs

Rameez recently gave up the tools for a "cushy" office job. After years of tiling for us as a contractor he brings all of that knowledge and experience into re-roof project management. He has a lovely wife, two beautiful daughters and now has Rachel nagging at him all day, every day! You're a lucky man Rameez!! Rameez loves a good korero (our pronunciation of Maori is getting better all of the time thanks to him), he's one funny guy and we enjoy having him in the office.


Jess Allen

Office Admin / H&S Co-ordinator

Jess is the new kid in the office, she brings a millennial view into the mix. She's busy helping Lenny with his new roofs projects admin and keeping our lads out on-sites safe and happy. Jess enjoys travelling around the country, hiking, sightseeing and concert going, she probably spends more time away from home than actually at home!


Tara Stephens

HR Advisor

Tara is the HR Advisor at Central Roofing who works part time for us and her family business. If she wasn’t in HR, she could get a job as a party planner because she is great at getting people together and organizing work functions. She is kept busy hiring our ever-growing team and keeping the boss on his toes. Tara has been in HR for a long time and has been working part time at Central Roofing for the last 6 years.


Dave Chesterton

Contract Manager - Commercial

Dave is the newest addition to the project management team. He has worked for CRC for the past 12 years on the tools, has plenty of experience under his belt as a foreman for both longrun and tiling teams, re-roofs, commercial and new builds. Dave has come into the office and immediately fits in like a glove. He is tasked with managing our commercial work, giving Duncan the extra time he needs to focus on running the business. Dave is also a Dad and spends his spare time playing football (not soccer!) for Inglewood, rollerblading and being a musician (plays instruments, does vocals and writes – oh so much talent!). Spent parts of his childhood in Pakistan and Afghanistan so has some pretty interesting experiences from his time there. As the new singing voice in the office, he is putting shame to those of us who think they can sing but can’t… An all-round good guy and we are super thankful to have him!